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Citation Management: About

Citation Management services help you collect, store, and organize all your research sources and easily create bibliographies.

What Are Citation Managers?


Citation managers tools allow you to keep track of the sources (articles, books, websites, etc...) you use in your research and easily create citations and reference lists.

Different citation management platforms have variations in features, options, and capabilities. But all allow you to:

  • Import bibliographic data or enter it manually
  • Save citations and organize them into categories
  • Generate complete bibliographies/works cited for papers and projects
  • Store your citations and retrieve them later


This guide features citation management applications which are free and support APA and Chicago styles.


 Even with a citation manager it is good practice to be familiar with the components and proper formatting of the citation style you are using. Minor formatting errors do occur, so always double check your citations for accuracy.



 The accuracy of your citations is a strong indicator to your reader of the quality of your scholarship. Sloppy citations signal sloppy work.