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Instructor Services

Reference Services Policy

Per the Reference Services Policy:

In accordance with the library's academic mission and learner-centered approach to fostering the development of critical thinking and information skills it is outside the scope of the library to produce bibliographies, literature reviews, or to provide instructors or students with a specific set of sources/references to complete an assignment.


Instruction Requests

The development of strong information literacy skills is central to the JSOU educational mission and student success.

Librarians can provide:

  • General library research instruction for your class.
  • Course or assignment tailored library research instruction for your class.
  • Consultations on how to better integrate information literacy into your curriculum and assignment design.


Fill out and email completed request forms to 

Once we have your input on file, we will use this for all further iterations of your course until amended. Should your instructional needs change, please submit a new form.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves Policy

Course Reserves are meant to be supplemental material to course curriculum. The library will not purchase or hold excessive number of materials for any course. Any material currently in the library’s physical collection can be made available as a course reserve. The library will attempt to purchase items for the main collection that can be utilized for course reserves, upon request. Borrowing periods for material will vary and depend upon the following: how many copies the library has available, the duration of the course, funds available for new acquisitions, and the overall demand for the material.  Material can be designated as “in-library use only” or can be made available for checkout (outside library) at the request of the instructor and approval from library staff.  Following the completion of a course, items will be taken off reserve and returned to the main circulating collection with normal borrowing constraints.  Interlibrary Loan material will never be used for course reserves.


Fill out and email completed request forms to 



Recommend Library Materials

The library encourages instructors to recommend materials (books, journals, videos, databases) for inclusion in the library's collections. Requests will be evaluated by library staff based on the following criteria:

  • The material is in accordance with the library Collection Management policy
  • The material adds value to the curriculum
  • The material fits within budgetary resources


Fill out and email completed request forms to 

Request a Research Guide or Handout

The library can provide subject, course, or assignment specific online research guides and print handouts for class distribution.

Fill out and email completed request forms to 


Refer to the library's copyright guide.