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Reference Services Policy:  

The USSOCOM Library provides in-person, group, and online reference services to support, promote, and facilitate student learning, academic scholarship, teaching, and research.


What we do:

  • One-on-one consultations to facilitate a student or patron's ability to clarify a research question, develop a search strategy, find and evaluate sources, and utilize information ethically.


  • Course-related instruction, designed to contribute to the development of critical thinking and information literacy skills essential to achieving learning outcomes and student success in the classroom and beyond.



  • Workshops for faculty and staff designed to promote awareness and effective usage of library resources.


In accordance with the library's academic mission and learner-centered approach to fostering the development of critical thinking and information skills it is outside the scope of the library to produce bibliographies, literature reviews, or to provide instructors or students with a specific set of sources/references to complete an assignment.