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The Research Process: Finding Sources


For an in depth explanation of sources consult the Understanding Sources guide.

The bulk of your research happens once you start delving into books, peer reviewed articles, and data. One of the biggest hurdles is identifying what type of information sources you need and where to find them. You will need a variety of sources for a well researched paper. There is no one article that will or should provide all the information you need, and if there is, consider choosing another topic.


Utilize the full listing of databases to determine the most appropriate for you research need. This listing includes library subscribed and open access databases.

Use the filters at the top to find which databases are best for specific subjects and media types.

*The database search will only search for a database not within the databases.


There are many websites appropriate to academic research. Government departments, the DoD or specific military branches, many non-profits, and some research universities all collect data and statistics. Refer to the library research guides for curated lists of websites.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a specialized search engine which searches academic literature and Google Books. While most results will not be full text because they are behind database pay walls, you can set up Google Scholar linking to link to those articles that are available in the JSOU Library collection.

Google Scholar Search

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

No one library has everything, so libraries participate in ILL in an effort to share information and increase accessibility. If a book or article is not in our collection, submit an ILL request and we will work to borrow it for you.