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Study Room Policy:  

Library Study Room Policy


The study rooms will have* commercial wireless capability only. NIPR computers cannot be plugged into the NIPR ports inside the Study Closets. 

‚Äč*Commercial wireless is in the process of being installed.



  • Study closets may be reserved or are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do not have a reservation check in at the Circulation Desk to ensure it is available and check out when you are finished.


  • Un-cleared personnel must check in at the JSOU Security Desk and receive a visitor badge which must be worn at all times in the library and JSOU facility.


  • Personal Electronic Devices (any non-government issued USB drives, phones, tablets, iPods, computers) are prohibited throughout the JSOU facility, including the library. Government issued external drives that have been plugged into NIPRnet computers cannot be plugged into the commercial laptops and vice versa.


  • Do not leave items unattended in the study closets for extended periods of time. Short breaks are the only exceptions, but the library is not responsible for lost or stolen items


  • In accordance with JSOU security rules, all individuals are responsible for disposing of their own trash and shredding any paper. Please use trash cans in the main hallway and the shredder near the Circulation Desk as needed.


The 1st floor library, including the study closets, are only cleared up to the unclassified level. No classified material can be opened up and no classified discussions should occur inside the study closets nor the rest of the library.




To minimize the risk of damage to materials, furnishings, and equipment, food and drinks are permitted in the library only under limited conditions. Beverages in covered containers and small items of packaged food may be taken to study areas. No food or drink is permitted near library computers.

Reserving a Study Room

To reserve one of the study rooms (1 day advance notice is advised):

Call 813-826-4663



Reservations can be made for up 4 hours at a time.

Library Staff may grant extensions at their discretion at the time of reservation.

If after 15 minutes an individual fails to appear, the reservation can be canceled by library staff and the study room scheduled for someone else.