eJournal Publication Finder


The eJournal publication finder will quickly and easily identify if the library has access to a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper.

1. Go to eJournals  (link on the homepage under Research) and login.

2. Search for the journal, magazine, or newspaper.

3. If available, the result will tell you which database(s) provide access to the journal, magazine, or newspaper and which dates are available.

4. Select a database. From here you can:

  • Search just within that particular publication (available for most, but not all) by keyword, author, or title.
  • Go directly to a specific date, volume or issue.


If your search does not locate the publication or the needed date, volume or issue is unavailable, contact the library to submit an interlibrary loan request. Send a full citation to jsoulibrary@socom.mil or call 813.826.4610