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Intelligence Briefings

Terrorism Events Database

  •  Country Risk Daily Report  
  •  Intelligence Review  
  •  Intelligence Weekly  
  •  Islamic Affairs Analyst  
  •  Military & Security Assessments Intelligence Centre  
  •  Security: Country Risk Module  
  •  Security: Military Capabilities Module  
  •  Security: News Module  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Central Africa  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Central America & the Caribbean  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Central Europe & The Baltics  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - China & Northeast Asia  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Eastern Mediterranean  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - North Africa  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - North America  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Oceania  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Russia & the CIS  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - South America  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - South Asia  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Southeast Asia  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Southern Africa  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - The Balkans  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - The Gulf States  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - West Africa  
  •  Sentinel Security Assessment - Western Europe  
  •  Special Forces  
  •  Terrorism & Security Monitor  
  •  Terrorism and Insurgency Intelligence Centre  
  •  Terrorism Watch Report  
  •  World Air Forces  
  •  World Armies  
  •  World Insurgency & Terrorism  
  •  World Navies 

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Dashboards Tab

  • Dashboards are a good starting place for popular content available for Country, Company, and Equipment information. 



  • Searchable by location, keyword, time period, layer (Events, Bases, or Country Risk) or you may select a Country Overview.
  • Maps may be layered and filtered to compile more complex and/or precise data sets dictated by a defined research interest.
  • Polygon search areas can be custom defined across traditional national borders.

General Guides

Publisher usage guides. These will cover some content and tools (i.e.,personal profiles) that may not be available through our subscription set.