How to Find a Specific Document

Follow the instructions below to find a specific document, using the main search page on LexisNexis Academic by headline, author, publication, or date.

1. Click on the Advanced Options section
2. If you have the...

  • date of the article, type it into the boxes provided

  • publication name in which your document was published, type it in the source word wheel

  • byline, headline, or other information about the document, use the [Advanced Search: Build Your Own Search] box.

3. Click Apply
4. Click Search

How to Find News by Date

1. Click on the Advanced Options section
2. Type the date in both boxes to narrow your search to one specific date
3. Select a source from the source word wheel, if you would like to choose a specific publication (optional.)
4. Click Apply
5. Click Search

This functionality is not just found on the Main Search box. Most search forms contain a date restriction option in the Advanced Options section.

How to Find Country Information

  1. Expand 'Search by Subject or Topic'
  2. Click on 'Country Information'
  3. Expand 'Advanced Options'
  4. Select a Country from the Drop-Down list
  5. Specify a Date
  6. Select which Source(s) to search within:
    • news and information based on round-the-clock monitoring of radio, TV, press, internet and news agency sources around the world)
    • analysis of global industries and research on leading companies in Emerging Markets. They cover all key global developments influencing company strategy, including country, regional and global supply and demand dynamics)
    • news, analysis, data, and forecasts on financial, economic, and political developments in emerging markets. Senior executives at multinational companies, banks, research centres, and governments constitute the primary audience for its weekly and monthly newsletters.  BMI analyzes political and economic conditions in 175 emerging market countries in four global regions (Asia, emerging Europe, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa) and offers forecasts for their performance)
    • (IBC's International Country Risk Guide provides in-depth analysis of every factor that could affect business, trade or investments in countries around the world. Each report covers politics, economic policy, extensive analysis of economic trends and an assessment of the country's financial condition/Political Risk Services presents analysis of present and future political and economic conditions in the 85 countries most important to international business)



How to Find Foreign Language News

1. Select Foreign Language News from the Search by Content Type menu
2. Type a subject in the search box.
3. Click Advanced Options if you would like to narrow your search (optional) If you would like to search across all foreign language news, you can simply type in your term and click search.
4. Select a specific language (optional)
5. Click Apply (optional)
6. Click Search

How to Use the Index for Precise Searching

  1. Expand 'Advanced Search'
  2. Click on "Look Up Index Terms'
  3. Type in a topic and click find
  4. Select the terms which you want to search. In this example, a topic search for index terms for terrorism yielded the following options and those relating to cyberterrorism have been selected.

5. Click 'OK - Add to Search'

6. Click 'Apply'