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Weekly Roundup Disclaimer:  

By the Center for Strategic Studies


This project is not a substitute for professional reading (books) and it is not a substitute for the excellent research databases maintained by the JSOU Library.  Rather, the intent for this project is to provide “long reads” and scholarly articles for professional growth, for researchers, JSOU students, and the professional force in USSOCOM. Subscription merely alerts users that articles have been refreshed. Archives will not be maintained.

In the interest of providing easy access to Internet-based resources, JSOU institutional web pages provide links to other web pages, sites, and menus that are not administered by the university. JSOU, therefore, cannot vouch for the content or integrity of information available at these sites.

The Joint Special Operations University advises all users that there may be information available through the Internet that some may find to be offensive or objectionable, and that the university does not regulate the availability of such information nor does it sanction its content.  JSOU also advises that it cannot warrant the accuracy of any information that is accessed through the Internet.