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JSOFSEA Operation Assignment

A starter guide to unclassifed, open source articles and books related to SOF operations


These operation guides are intended to help you get started on your research by highlighting unclassified, open source books and articles that address the topic. Inclusion of a source is not a guarantee of veracity. It is incumbent upon you, the researcher, to critically evaluate each source for validity, bias, relevance, accuracy, authority, and applicability to your research question.

If you have questions about any of the resources included here or would like to request an article through interlibrary loan please email the library at

Center for Strategic Research

The Center for Strategic Research, including the director of the center and the resident senior fellows, are a repository of knowledge on a wide range of topics, both SOF-specific and SOF-relevant. This ranges from topics such as UW, IW, CT, and COIN to regional expertise including Russia, China, and Iran. The director and resident senior fellows are available for meetings and mentorship, to help you come up with viable research topics, flesh out existing research proposals, and identify relevant sources.

POC email: