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The United States in the Indo-Pacific
War and Peace in Outer Space
Where Great Powers Meet
Indo-Pacific Empire
Syrian Requiem
A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence
US Policy Toward Africa
Why Containment Works
White As the Shroud
War of Shadows
Transfer Learning
This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends
A Thousand Brains
Understanding Contemporary Africa
Unfulfilled Aspirations
Special Operations
We Are Bellingcat
Weak States and Spheres of Great Power Competition
Military Strategy
The Russian Economy: a Very Short Introduction
Pheonix Rising: from the ashes of Desert One to the rebirth of U.S. Special Operations
AI in the Wild
Between Five Eyes
Architectures of Violence
The Art of Living Well
Birth of Intelligence
Bit Tyrants
The Centaur's Dilemma
China 2049
China and the Future of Globalization
The China Nightmare
The CIA in Ecuador
The Code Breaker
A Concise Introduction to Machine Learning
The Cost of Loyalty
Eagle Down



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